Hello all,

This will hopefully be the first of many posts.  This is my first attempt at blogging, and I don’t expect to be particularly disciplined, but I hope that I will manage to keep up at least a meagre trickle of opinion.

I am a third-year student in History at Oxford University, and I spend my time either in Oxford or at home in Southport.  I am a fairly active Liberal Democrat activist and politics geek generally, so expect a lot of that, but I’ll probably talk about whatever else interests me at any given time – expect some music-related posts, perhaps some related to religion, and almost certain some history-related stuff over a wide time range.

About the name – yes, it is a reference to the Grandaddy album.  I love it because it gives an illusion of quiet and almost natural solace in an ostensibly soulless urban world.  I think this is what a lot of blogging is about.

Don’t expect any new posts for a while – I have finals this summer, so hopefully I’ll be keeping procrastination to a minimum…


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